Erik Satie

Erik Satie (1866-1925) is best known for his hauntingly beautiful piano pieces Gymnopédies (1888). Thanks to his bizarre wit and childish purity and sincerity, he gained a lot of friends in Paris, and with his unconventional composing technique he influenced his colleagues Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Francis Poulenc. Satie was more or less forgotten for many years after his death, but has since the 1960's gradually become an important source of inspiration to many modern composers and music lovers.

In 1996, I launched a website dedicated to the composer. Back in those days, information on the internet was scarce. During several years time, I added articles written by scholars and I maintained a popular discussion forum. The website turned into a community for many Satie admirers and a useful source of information to musicologists and researchers. A huge archive of recordings of Satie's music was exclusively offered to music researchers.

Although the website is no longer online, you can visit a partly archived version of the website at You may need to use the zoom tool of your browser since the web design of the time was adapted to the lower screen resolutions common back then.

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